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Biography, photo, image and film of Agnes Monica

Gallery gambar, image, wallpaper, screen saver, 3gp, and video terlengkap Agnes Monica. Agnes Monica with the popular name Agnes Monica is fame actress from Indonesia. Agnes Monica was born on march 16, 1982 in Jakarta. Agnes Monica is an Indonesian actress with very beautiful face and charming smile, Indonesian film actress, Indonesian television (TV) series actress, top Indonesian actress, the best Indonesian actress at festival Indonesian film 2003, 2004 and 2005, staring film, Indonesian star, commercial star, commercial advertisement star from 2002, as icon feminine actress in Indonesia. Agnes Monica is beautiful Indonesian model, commercial model, hot and sensual model, beautiful Indonesian supermodel, hot and best supermodel, beautiful Indonesian celebrity, hot and sexy celebrity, top supermodel celebrity, Indonesian (Java) women (whose fresh, beauty, smart and easy going), famous women in the world of Indonesian entertainment and modeling, top women, amazing women, very beautiful and charming women. She has a very beautiful and charming face, natural beauty, charming smile, calm actress, very beautiful brown eyes, beautiful black hair, thin lips, beautiful skin, slim and nice body, body measurement being (height: 172 cm), constellation: pisces girl. Agnes Monica on beautiful photo shoot. Shot exclusively by our cameraman. Special Agnes Monica beauty photos, images and pictures collection from here. If you like the high quality photos and more picture, 3gp file, mp3 files and video of Agnes Monica, please send your request to
In the internet more than 21 million user type keyword “Agnes Monica”. Agnes Monica is second fame actress after Sarah Azhari from Indonesia that many user search and download picture, gallery, photo, profile, blog and diary. The popularities of Agnes Monica begin when staring in the film “Ada apa dengan cinta”. With actor nicholas Saputra, this film is the best film and get more than 12 award in national film festival 2003. More than 5 million watching “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta” in the cinema. This story this film is all about love and friendship. This film also awakening national film industry and trend mode, film in several year. Besides “Ada apa dengan cinta” Agnes Monica also as staring in the film “Ungu Violet” with Christine Hakim the senior actress and Rako Priyanto as stage manager. The film “Ungu Violet” released in 2005 and get more than 8 award in the film festival. Agnes Monica ever as expensive actress in several year. In every staring in the film, she always get minimum USD 50.000 per film. After Agnes Monica staring in several film, she get many new job for commercial advertisement. With Tamara Blezinky, Luna Maya, Agnes Monica is the staring in the “Lux” soap star. She also staring of commercial advertisement in cellular operator “Mentari” by Indosat. Besides that more than 12 video clip that her staring. In every staring in video clips the song will be popular and top hits. One of video clips staring Agnes Monica is “Terus Melangkah Meninggalkan Jejak” by Peterpan group band. In the television career Agnes Monica ever as presenter the best quiz “Who Want To Be a Millioner”.
Agnes Monica also playing in the TV opera with title “Dilarang Jatuh Cinta”. In Indonesia TV opera as “Sinetron”. With this sinetron Agnes Monica get 2 awards in Panasonic award with category best actress acting and best actress performance. In the education Agnes Monica graduated with the best point in Indonesia University (Universitas Indonesia) in 2007 as philosophy major. Agnes Monica finished her school in 6 year, because she busy in film, model, actress, commercial advertisement and TV presenter. This is the comment Agnes Monica in the her blog about terminology. The word actor refers to one who acts, while actress refers specifically to a female who acts. The Oxford English Dictionary states that originally “‘actor’ was used for both sexes”. The English word actress does not derive from the Latin actrix, probably not even by way of French act rice; according to the Oxford English Dictionary, actress was “probably formed independently” in English. As actress is a specifically feminine word, some feminists assert that the word is sexist. Gender-neutral usage of actor has re-emerged in modern English, especially when referring to male and female performers collectively, but actress remains a commonly used word. The gender-neutral term player was common in film in the early days of the Production Code, but is now generally deemed archaic. However, it remains in use in the theatre, often incorporated into the name of a theatre group or company (such as the East West Players).

The last film of Agnes Monica in 2008 is “Drupadi”. This film is collaborations role art, music art and dance art will be released on December 2008.
The below is the team produce in the Otomomatis Romantis film:
Stage manager: Riri Reza
Executive producer: Leo Sutanto, Elly Yanti Noor
Producer: Mira Lesmana, Agnes Monicawardoyo, Wisnu Darmawan
Scenario: Leila S.Chudori
Co producer: Butet Kartaredjasa, Novi Christina, Mitzy Christina, Cindy Christina
Cameraman: Gunnar Nimpuno
Music art: Djaduk Ferianto
Style Photographer: Anton Ismael- Third Eye Photography
Dancer: Padepokan seni Bagong Kussudiardja
House produce: SinemArt Pictures

The inspiration of Drupadi is from classical story from India “Mahabharata” with Mpu Vyasa as masterpiece. Generally story about Mahabharata is competition Pandawa and Kurawa. Drupadi is the daughter of king Panchala that was born from fire (Agni) and degraded by Krisna. Drupadi (Agnes Monica) is the female that most beautiful in the world. For get husband all man follow competition to have Drupadi in the race bow. The winner of race bow is Arjuna, but Drupadi not to be Arjuna wife’s because in the law in there Drupadi must be Yudhistira wife’s. The center of this story is Drupadi becoming gambled in the dice gambling between Pandawa and Kurawa. In here Drupadi film, also reunify with best actress (Agnes Monica) and best actor (Nicholas Sapurta) in the film “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta”.




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